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Full Sensory Massage

At 21st Massage, we combine cutting edge, peer-reviewed scientific studies on massage and the nervous system to curate the most effective, 360 degree treatment every session.

Since Roman times, massage has been practiced as conditioning for the body.  21st Massage harnesses this rich history of diverse touch modalities and steeps it with a modern recognition of the mind's role in each treatment's effectiveness. Every 21st Massage treatment visit is unique with your mind's present condition front and center.  We believe a mental bath is the ticket to a looser, healthier body.

Immersive Experience

With your mental experience in mind, a 21st Massage treatment always includes an immersive experience that integrates touch, sound, and scent decisions unique to your individual rhythms and conditions.  

And, unlike other massage companies -- all these personalized features are included in the price.  


Signature Massage Treatments


Treatment Overviews

Choose from our pre-developed, curated treatment sessions designed to cover many of the common goals clients have for massage or select our Personalized Design massage.  Don't worry, whatever you select it's the same price and everything can always be modified.  Like most of what a treatment describes?  Book it, we can alter what you don't like at the session.