Massage Services


Energized Again Massage

Designed for older individuals, this massage provides Swedish techniques and extra attention to the feet using reflexology.  Each session begins with reflexology to help with tired feet and as a body assessment tool for specific problem areas.  It also combines essential oils that both target arthritic symptoms and other age-related ailments. Calibrated to help rejuvenate aging bodies and ultimately prevent a declining mind.


Relaxed Attention Massage

Designed for busy professionals, stressed by multi-tasking work, kids, and life who want that special state of mind that’s capable of relaxfully ( yeah, we created that word ) attending to items one by one.  The session will combine various elements of Swedish and Deep Tissue, according to sensitivity levels.  We will mix a special combo of essential oils to generate both relaxation and attention -- and we’ll introduce them with the right timing to leave you wakeful, yet relaxed.


Centered Mind Massage

Designed for those who suffer from specific mental ailments (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder etc.), this treatment uses a customized intake session specific to mental issues to more deeply understand client symptoms to more closely match the massage strokes, scent, music, and lighting profile to the specific mental condition.  The goal is to reach a state of balance over time to allow greater, more centered headspace.  This massage will be composed largely of Swedish techniques, long-flowing effleurage strokes from light to medium pressure and myofascial techniques to facilitate unbinding of locked up energy.


Focused Finish Massage

Crafted for the serious athlete in training. The session starts with a specific postural assessment to help guide specific work and track success.  Once on the table, warming strokes progress eventually to sports massage and custom stretching techniques to reduce soreness and increase flexibility.  The massage will include aspects of deep tissue focus midway through to solve for specific problem areas identified in the postural assessment.  Relieving muscle soreness will be key to the essential oils selected for application.


Personalized Design Massage

Everything is adjustable -- and we want to meet your goals both for your body, and also for your desired mental state.  We will discuss your goals and recommended variables (scents, music, lighting, etc.) to achieve that.  Some elements of pre-designed treatments may not be available due to necessary preparatory work before the appointment.